Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Art with Catherine - Drawing

Art with Catherine

Every Tuesday we are going to bring you some creative drawing and art work from out Art Instructor Catherine for you to try out in your own home.  You will need some paper and a pencil to get you started:

1.  Grid Drawing  

Source:  Catherine

2.  Dog's Head Line Drawing 

Source:  https://www.easydrawingtips.com/

Monday, 30 March 2020

Exercise at Home

Here are some exercises you can try at home while social distancing:

Foróige C.R.I.B. Youth Project and Health Café have organised Zumba classes on Monday from 6 - 6.45pm from the comfort of your own home.  Barbara is going to hold an online class through an app called zoom. It is free to download and easy to follow. Here is the link to access the class but you will have to download the app Zoom.
If you need any more information ring Amie 086-8322473 or Karina 086-8358288.

HIIT Workout
Steve our Sports Instructor recommends trying The Body Coach workouts on https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1/videos. P.E. with Joe post daily fun workouts to help you burn fat and get fitter, stronger and healthier. You don't need a gym to get fit and most of his workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment.

Yoga is a great way to stretch the body and look after your mind. 
Click on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsT93z3naCOJXnZuMM7sgIA  to try out daily yoga sessions with Maura.  

Motivational Monday

Sunday, 29 March 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Visit www.hse.ie or www.gov.ie for more information

Visit https://spunout.ie/news/article/covid-19-guide to find out more information on Ireland's youth information website SpunOut.ie.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Social Distancing tips from our Trainees

Check out our final post on ‘Social Distancing’.

Today our trainees share some great tips and suggestions for keeping busy and staying positive while social distancing.

“I would recommend people helping around the house keeping it up to date with sanitation due to covid-19 and to also try something new that they were gonna do but haven’t been able to do due to being busy with school work etc.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Regularly wash hands.  Not meeting people.  Keeping 2 metre distance.”  (Zikrullah, Computer Trainee)

“Colouring pages, watch movies, listen music, talk to your family.”  (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“To keep busy and positive go for walks or read a book.”  (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“You could go for a run or walk. You could do some home workouts. Clean the house. Keep the mind busy.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“Check in on family, call your grandparents/older family.  Stay in touch with your friends.  Make sure to get out of the house for a walk every day, beneficial physically and mentally.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“Going out for a cycle, walk or jog/Listening to music.”  (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Stay safe, try not to go out as much and stay 2 meters away from people”  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Plan time by doing various things on a day such as sports in the morning if you can read books and browse and arrange my room and that's what I do but still boring”  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)

“Buy a colouring book, get some puzzles, rearrange your room, go for runs, walks with your animals on your own, help around the house.  Fix up stuff around the house, do some exercises.”  (Makayla, Sports Trainee)

“Just do something you have been putting off.  I've been trying to make some extra money online buying stocks etc.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

We’d like to thank our trainees for sharing their experiences and for setting such a fine example in following the government guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 - Social distancing

In the fight against COVID-19 please continue to practice social distancing and physical distancing. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space of two metres between each other. Please take time to watch this important video below on social distancing recommended to you by HSE Ireland.

Source of this information:  https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus.html

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Social Distancing tips from our Trainees

All this week we are sharing our trainees’ experiences while social distancing.

Today we find out how they’ve been connecting with friends in a safe way.

“By using social networking apps and not visiting any of my friends.”  (Anonymous, Computer Trainee)

“I have been texting friends and face timing them to keep in contact and to make sure everything is alright on their ends.  Sometimes we even do things together such as to see who does a better job on cleaning their room etc.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Through online services like snapchat, Instagram and PlayStation.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

“Video call, Snapchat, Instagram.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“I have been connecting with friends through social media and online through video messaging.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“Video chatting, calls.”  (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“Went for a walk but kept our distance, face timing friends, snapchatting, phone calls, texts.”  (Makayla, Sports trainee)

“I have been texting them and checking up on them by text messages “  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Facebook and Snapchat.” (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Going for walks with the dogs and using social media.” (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“I communicate with friends online phone call / text messages”  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)

We’d like to thank our trainees for sharing their experiences and for setting such a fine example in following the government guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Check back in tomorrow for more ‘Social Distancing’ tips from our trainees.

An Gaisce

An Gaisce have launched ‘Gaisce At Home’ or ‘Gaisce Sa Bhaile’. Doing Gaisce is a great way to stay active, improve a skill and help in your community (whilst maintaining social distance of course). Young people can answer Ireland’s call too!  It’s not going to be too difficult to think up a skill or physical activity you can undertake whilst at home, and your community action can be at home or ‘from home’ too, so find out what you can volunteer to help with. Everyone can play their part in getting through this challenging time and promoting active citizenship. Ask family members for ideas on what you can do for an hour a week in the various challenges at home.

For more information go to:  https://www.gaisce.ie/gaisce-at-home/

CTC Cookery Corner

We hope to bring you some recipes and tips every Thursday in our new CTC Cookery Corner.  These recipes are created by our very own talented Catering Tutors Mairead from Sligo CTC and Emma from Leitrim CTC.  Thanks girls for sharing your recipes and for giving us all a chance to put our culinary skills to good work and allow our creativity to shine.  We are going to start this week with delicious Wholemeal Scones.  I hope you all enjoy 😋


100g Wholemeal flour
100g Self-raising flour
5g Baking powder
Pinch of salt
50g Butter
50g Caster sugar
95ml Milk
20g Mixed seeds (optional)
1 Egg for glazing


·       Sieve the baking powder, salt and flour together.
·       Rub in the butter to a sandy texture, add mixed seeds and sugar and mix again.
·       Add the milk a little at a time.
·       Sprinkle a little flour on your work surface and roll out scone mixture 1/2 inch thick.
·       Cut out 8 portions using a scone cutter or by hand and place on a lightly floured baking tray.
·       Whisk the egg and lightly egg wash each scone bake at 180oC for 15 mins.
·       When cooked let cool on a baking wire.

To make savoury scones just add 25g of grated cheese, scallion or diced bacon

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Social Distancing tips from our Trainees

This week we’ll be posting some positive experiences and tips our trainees have been sharing with us about how they are coping with Social Distancing.

Today they tell us about all the things they’ve managed to achieve at home while social distancing.

"I have reorganised the bedroom, cleaned the house and even started back running by myself again.  I have learned that social distancing is something that everyone should take heed of.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“I have been keeping the chores up to date such as loading and reloading the dishwasher, doing the laundry and cleaning the floors.  I have also been able to improve my drawing skills and hope to start working on a story or a comic to keep me busy during the weeks of quarantine.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Babysitting my niece, I was helping to clean the house.” (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“Got the time to do things I enjoy I don't usually have the time to do, spent more time with family.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“I’ve started to read a book.”  (Reece, Computer Trainee)

I cleaned out my room and I’m doing things around the house to help out.”  (Makayla, Sports Trainee)

“I am working at home doing course work.  (Zikrullah, Computer Trainee)

“Done circuits daily.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

"The positive thing is that I help the family clean the house and my room"  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)"

“I have fixed up my room helped my mum around the house and watched films”  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Painting the house, reorganising my wardrobe and working on cars.” (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“Reorganised a few things in my room.”  (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Cleaning and arranging the house, sterilizing cans from stores, sterilizing electronic devices, repairing things if needed and retrieving the family’s memories.”  (Anonymous, Computer Trainee)

Check back in tomorrow for more ‘Social Distancing’ tips from our trainees

Art and Colouring

If you want to relax, focus and be in the moment our Art Instructor Catherine recommends some colouring.  The Hunt Museum have just released a colouring book which can be printed from their website.  For more info click here:

Art stimulates the imagination and opens the mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. 
Check out this inspirational clip:

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

9 ways to look after your mental health

Bearing in mind, the state of your mental health isn’t fixed, it can be good or it can be poor, it’s important to know ways to look after it.

Here are some things anyone can try to help mind their mental health.
There are many advantages to exercising. It helps increase energy levels, use up excess energy and can improve sleep patterns and fitness.  It also helps to manage stress and anger and can boost your confidence. All positive for your mental health.
Having a balanced diet can help with energy levels, weight control and self-esteem.
It’s easy to fall into bad habits, but is important to try and eat well and cut out junk food.
It’s very easy to overlook making time for yourself with the hectic pace of life we all lead.
It’s essential for your mental health that you find ways to take time out and relax. We all have different things we find relaxing; what we do isn’t as important as actually doing it.
Sleep is crucial to our physical and mental health. It re-energises us, helps our bodies to heal and keeps our memory working properly.  There are many things you can do to improve your quality of sleep including exercise, avoiding stimulants and implementing a daily routine or bed-time.
Be mindful
Mindfulness is about learning to focus your attention on the present moment. Not worrying unduly about past or future problems can be hugely beneficial to your physical and mental health.
It can steady the breath, heart-rate, and improve the immune system and can help to deal with anxiety and depression.
Training the inner-voice in our head can be difficult, but worth-while. It’s important to learn not to talk to yourself in a negative or destructive way, such as thinking in black and white or constantly comparing yourself to others.
Set goals
Setting realistic goals, prioritising what’s important, and balancing our time can help in the management of our mental health. It gives us perspective on things and enables us to deal with problems more effectively.
Work on your self-esteem
Improving our self-esteem might seem like a constant battle, but it’s necessary in order to manage our mental health.  Challenging negative thinking, accepting yourself and not comparing yourself to others will help to develop your self-confidence.
Sometimes sharing things with friends and family can help you through and tough time, by helping you get some perspective. For more info go to Turn 2 Me

Taken from https://ie.reachout.com/ 

For more info on "How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Click on Unicef link here:  Unicef

Monday, 23 March 2020

Motivational Monday

Danny our Sports Instructor tried out this workout today.  It's a tough one.  If you are feeling energetic give it or some of it a go :-)

And for something a bit more relaxing for staff or trainees recommended by Emer go to this link

Click here:  Yoga

'Yoga with Maura' 

Maura is based in Ireland and does basic live yoga sessions Monday to Friday 8am and 5pm daily. Alternatively if the times don't suit all the sessions are on YouTube just search for Yoga with Maura.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

How Exercise Affects the Brain

Check out this you tube link recommended by Danny today on how exercise affects your brain

If you are feeling very energetic try out some of the following for a super workout:

Photography - Sunset

In tough times and difficult situations it can be hard to find the silver lining but if you open your eyes to nature it might be right there in front of you….last night’s sunset in Strandhill.
Photo captured beautifully by Janell

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Centre Closure due to COVID-19

Following the government directive in relation to COVID-19 our centre will remain closed until March 29th. The centre will be staffed during this period and tutors will be in contact with learners remotely re: lessons, assignments etc

Further information on the Coronavirus from the Department of Education and Skills here 

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Bread Making

Edele from St Angela's made some lovely cinnamon bread today in the kitchen with the catering trainees

Monday, 9 March 2020

Girls Active Activity Festival

The girls in the centre attended the annual Girls Activities Festival in Knocknarea Arena last Thursday.  This was a very enjoyable day and the girls got to try out different sports and activities.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Photography Nature Walk

Reece captured some lovely scenic photos yesterday on a nice sunny day down at the Garavogue River

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Girls Active - Curling

Last week the girls active group played an enjoyable game of Curling with Chris in the Sports Complex.  

Monday, 2 March 2020

Marian's Retirement from Sligo CTC

On Friday we celebrated the retirement of the longest member of staff at Sligo CTC.  Our friend and colleague, Marian retired after 36 years of service.  We send sincerest gratitude to Marian for all the hard work over the years!

Girls Active Health Week