Testimonials From Trainees

I recently conducted interviews with trainees from each department on their thoughts on the centre. I asked them a set of questions and these are their responses:

“I enjoy participating in all activities that take place in the centre, such as the recent cyber bullying campaign and being a part of the health promotion committee was very enjoyable and interesting. I joined the centre because I wanted to progress my education and consider my future options. I hope to achieve my ECDL, and improve my confidence. It has improved my communication skills and my self confidence in my ability to perform. I feel it was very worthwhile, especially the time I spent in work placement. I plan to go on placement for the next 6 months, then go on to a software development PLC course.” – Andrew

"It’s got less of a school feel about it, it feels more like a workplace and how welcoming all the staff are. I moved from Castlebar to Sligo, I heard about the centre and found out hairdressing was available so I joined because that is what I’m interested in. I’ve completed my computer modules and I’ve nearly completed my hairdressing modules. Because of work experience it has given me more confidence in hairdressing, it's less daunting going into a salon. I’ve enjoyed it, I have taken part in girls active, the walking challenge, outdoor gym. I'd like to finish all my modules and continue with my work experience until I’m qualified." – Michaela

"It is good to progress your skills especially in catering. If you are starting out it is a great foundation. I heard it was a good place to start training, even if you have no experience. I just wanted to learn more about the preparation and cooking of food. I practiced my driving theory and passed the official test while practicing in the centre. The course was good because when I came in first I had no knowledge of cooking. I plan to either progress my skills further or find a job if possible." - Ross

"It’s motivating, enjoyable and I’ve made good friends and the centre is very friendly. I wanted to get into sports and start a career in that area. I hope to get all my qualifications out of the centre and continue on with my learning. I’m more positive, more confident and I enjoy sports more. My fitness level has improved. Football knowledge also improved. I found it enjoyable, educational and fun. I will continue on studying sport and go either to the IT or a PLC course." - Christopher

"I got to know new people. I heard people on about it and friends from school came here.  I've gained more courage. My english, maths and computer skills have improved since I’ve started here. I hope to become a hairdresser. " - Kathleen

I recently conducted interviews with two past trainees and asked them a set of questions, the results are below:

Looking back at your time spent in the centre, what did you most enjoy?

"I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the good buzz and energy and constantly doing new things." - Bethany
"I enjoyed the open atmosphere right from the start, everyone was very friendly." - Ross

What was it like in the centre?

"It's a lovely place, the staff are brilliant, constant good energy." - Bethany
"It's very relaxed atmosphere while keeping the focus on education." - Ross

What would you say to people interested in joining?

"It's a great choice, great place to learn and meet new people." - Bethany
"I'd say consider it, it's really worth it." - Ross

Have you noticed any personal improvements?

"I'm a more confident and outgoing person because of Sligo CTC." - Bethany
"I'm alot more open now, I used to be shy but now I'm more confident." - Ross

What did you achieve since you left?

"I achieved a Fetac Level 5 and recently got a full time job in hairdressing." - Bethany 
"Since leaving I've done about 6 months of link work after that I went to a PLC course in Software Development in Sligo College of Further Education." - Ross

Interviews conducted and compiled by Andrew.