Thursday, 28 November 2019

Girls Active Programme

Girls Active takes place on a Wednesday afternoon in the centre. Girls Active is a joint programme between the Health Services Executive North West, Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, Youth Sport West and is aimed at teenage girls who are not currently participating in sport. The programme was initiated in 2003 and aims to increase the number of teenage girls involved in long-term regular physical activity through developing more supportive environments for teenage girls’ physical activity.
The programme involves extra curricular physical activities for teenage girls which are:
  • Recreational and Non Competitive
  • Girls only
  • Activities selected by the Girls
  • Activities organised by the Girls
  • At least 3 different activities throughout the year
For more info:  Girls Active

Pictured above are some of the hairdressing girls that took part in a very enjoyable dance class with Debbie yesterday.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Sligo Homeless Appeal 2019

The staff and trainees are doing a collection in the centre for the Sligo Homeless Appeal.  Please donate generously new clothes, long life foods and toiletries. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Hairdressing Styles

Girls in hairdressing working on some different techniques and styles today

Monday, 25 November 2019

Mental Health Awareness

Thanks to Rachel Reilly for giving an informative talk today to staff and trainees on metal health awareness.
For more info go to 

CTC Garden

Some of the lovely vegetables from our garden - carrots, parsnips, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and herbs.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award

Delighted to have achieved the Gold Award in the Irish Heart Foundation - Happy Heart Healthy Eating Awards. Pictured are Mairead Cox, Sligo CTC accepts the award on behalf of our centre from Tim Collins, CEO Irish Heart Foundation and Karl Henry

Sports & Recreation - Sligo CTC v's Youthreach

The sports group played Youthreach Sligo in 7 a-side game on Tuesday. It was a close, competitive game played in a great spirit.  

Spotlight on the Sports & Recreation Course

Today we are taking a look at the sports and recreation course available in the centre. This is a very popular course and is designed for trainees who are interested in working in the Health, Fitness & Leisure industriesTrainees participate in practical sport classes on a daily basis, including gym work, football and swimming. Trainees will work towards completing modules at level 3 in Soccer Skills and Health and Fitness, while some will also work on level 4 modules in Health Related Fitness and Customer Service.

Course Content:

  • Soccer Skills
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Health Related Fitness
  • Customer Service

Within these modules trainees will gain knowledge and experience of the above industries giving them a platform to progress on to further training or employment.

Various progressions are available for further training through the ETB courses in similar industries and the many PLC courses also available at level 5.

Another option available to trainees on successful completion of this course is 6 months full-time placement (Link-work) which can be offered to trainees who show commitment to progressing a career both in these industries and others.
Trainees performing a core exercise 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Hairdressing Course - Upstyle

This amazing 1950's inspired upstyle was created by one of our talented learners

Hairdressing Course - Wash and Blow-Dry

Before and After of a wash and blow-dry

Wash and blow-dry on curly hair
Wash and blow-dry on curly hair

Hairdressing Course - Shampooing and Treatment Applications

 Learners have the opportunity to apply a variety of quality mask and oil treatments.

Spotlight on the Hairdressing Course - "Introduction to our Hairdressing Area"

Today we are taking a look at the hairdressing course available in the centre.  This is a very popular course and is suitable for individuals who want to learn the basics of hairdressing while gaining recognised QQI certification. Completion of this course would form an excellent foundation for those hoping to participate in full-time “salon training” or progress further to Level 5 hairdressing course.

Course Content:

• Introduction (Hairdressing theory)

• Shampooing

• Hair-Care  
• Face shapes and Styles to suit
• Blow-Drying Techniques
• Knowledge of Hairdressing Tools
• Treatment Application
• Setting

• Colour Application

Participants will be offered part-time work experience with a host salon.

Upon successful completion of this course, 6 months full-time salon placement  (Link-work) is offered to learners who show commitment to a career in hairdressing.

All learners participating on the link work programme will be offered progression to Level 5 ETB hairdressing course. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Computer Course - Certification - ICDL/ECDL

ICDL/ECDL is the international certification in digital literacy.

Trainees get the opportunity to achieve their ICDL/ ECDL while on the computer course.  ICDL/ECDL equips individuals with the IT skills they need to prepare for the workplace and further training.
IT is a globally recognised qualification
It is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by Irish employers
ICDL/ECDL is online
ICDL/ECDL can be used towards a QQI award
Online automated training and testing of learners

The ICDL/ECDL modules available at Sligo CTC are:
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Powerpoint
  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials 
  • IT Security

Computer Course - Computer Modules Level 4 - Certification

There are three level 4 computer modules available in the computer course.  Information Technology Skills is mandatory in order to achieve a QQI Level 4 Major Award Pathway to Employment 4M2010.  Each module is worth 10 credits.  The QQI modules are as follows:

  • Information Technology Skills 4N1125 
This module is exam based.  It gives trainees the knowledge and skills in IT concepts and terminology, file management, using the internet, creating and managing a personal email account and developing skills in data entry and word processing.
  • Computer Applications 4N1112
There are 3 exam in Computer Applications - Spreadsheets, Database and Computer Graphics.
  • Data Entry 4N1113
This module is exam based with three assessments - Speed and Accuracy, Document Production and Proof Reading.

Computer Course - Computer Modules Level 3 - Certification

There are currently four Level 3 computer modules available in the computer course.  A computer module is mandatory in order to achieve a  QQI Level 3 Major Award in Employment Skills 3M0935 (60 credits).  Each computer module is worth 10 credits.  The QQI modules are as follows:

·    Word Processing 3N0588
The purpose of this module is to provide the trainees with the knowledge, skills and competence to create a range of clear and accurate documents using Microsoft Word. Eg. Menus, Letters, Curriculum Vitae, Tables, Memos, Editing & Formatting. Trainees have to put together a portfolio of assessment work and there is a skills demo exam at the end.

·         Spreadsheets 3N0542
The purpose of this module is to provide the trainees with the knowledge, skills and competence to perform some basic functions of a spreadsheet application using Microsoft Excel. Eg.  apply basic formatting, insert, delete rows, columns, worksheets & create formulas etc.

·         Database Applications 3N0554
The purpose of this module is to provide the trainees with an understanding of the basic concepts and functions of database using Microsoft Access. Eg. Using tables, queries, forms & reports etc.  Trainees have to put together a portfolio of assessment work and there is a skills demo exam at the end.

·         Desktop Publishing 3N0551
The purpose of this module is to equip the trainees with the knowledge, skills and competence to use Microsoft Publisher to produce a range of publications. Eg. Posters, Greeting cards, Bookmarks, CD covers, Brochures, Calendars & Postcards etc. Trainees have to put together a portfolio of assessment work and there is a skills demo exam at the end. 

Spotlight on the Computer Course

Today we will take a look at the computer course in the centre.  With I.T. part of everyday life, this course provides computer training in all commonly used software applications leading to certification in a wide range of QQI modules and ECDL.  Trainees also get the opportunity to engage in digital photography for the purpose of updating and maintaining the centre blog.  The computer group are also actively involved in putting together information stands in the centre and designing posters.

It is mandatory to complete an IT module in order to achieve a major award in the centre.  While the trainees are in the computer group they also attend other timetabled classes  - Art, Communications, Maths, Literacy, Numeracy, Work Experience, Business English and Personal Effectiveness. 

Monday, 18 November 2019

Catering Course Vacancies

Spotlight on Catering - Baking

Spotlight on Catering - Preparing Lunch

Mairead, Lisa and the catering trainees preparing lunch

Spotlight on Catering - Breakfast & Lunch

A typical day in the kitchen involves preparing breakfast for the staff and trainees. This includes fresh made scones, toast, preparing a cooked breakfast, hot and cold cereals etc.

Trainees preparing scones and fruit salad for breakfast

After breakfast we start preparing lunch for afternoon. This is a great way of practicing different skills, as the menu changes on a daily basis. When preparing the lunch menu. Catering trainees take into consideration the different dietary requirements for example: vegetarians, healthy options and food allergies.  
Examples of lunches Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Stew, Fish, Pasta, Salad, Chicken, Pork, Roast Beef, Vegetables, Pizza etc

As part of ongoing learning theory is incorporated into a typical day in the kitchen.

Pizza and salad being prepared for lunch by Lisa and  trainees 

Spotlight on Catering Course

Today we will take a look at that catering course. This course is aimed at learners who want a career in the catering industry. Along with achieving QQI accreditation in modules such as Short Order Cooking and Nutrition, Handling Food Hygienically and Healthy  Options learners will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in our training kitchen. As learners progress in training they complete a work placement within the local hospitality sector.

Some of the delicious food prepared by trainees

Stand Up Week - Rainbow Colours

On Friday Staff and Trainees wore coloured clothing to show their support and raise awareness of Stand Up Week

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Stand Up Week - Rainbow Cake

Our catering trainees made a delicious colourful cake today to show their support for Stand Up Week

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Stand Up Week 2019 - Rainbow Laces

Our sports trainees show their support for Stand Up Week 2019 by wear rainbow laces for their soccer training session

Monday, 11 November 2019

Stand Up Week - Murals

To start Stand Up Week we would like to show you some of the painted murals that greets everyone as they enter our centre - these murals are a permanent fixture on our walls and help make our centre an inclusive space #comein

Stand Up Week 2019

Monday, 4 November 2019


Lauryn from catering baked a delicious chocolate cake today.