There are a range of courses available in the centre.  

ETB Training Allowances apply on all courses.
Childcare, rent and travel allowances apply when applicable.


This course is aimed at learners who want a career in the catering industry.  Along with achieving QQI accreditation in modules such as Short Order Cooking and Nutrition and Healthy Options learners will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in our training kitchen.  As learners progress in training they complete a work placement within the local hospitality sector.

This course introduces learners to the exciting world of hairdressing.  Learners will receive a solid foundation in the fundamentals of hairdressing equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to participate fully while on salon placement.  Successful candidates will be offered progression to level 5 hairdressing programme.

Sports & Recreation
This course is designed for learners who are interested in working in the Health, Fitness & Leisure industries.  Learners will participate in practical sports classes including gym work, soccer and swimming.  Learners are supported in securing a work placement and may progress to a level 5 Sports and Recreation programme.

With I.T part of everyday life, this course provides computer training in all commonly used software applications leading to certification in a wide range of QQI modules and ECDL.  Learners will also have the opportunity to engage in digital photography for the purpose of updating and maintaining the centre blog.

Exploring Options
This is a part-time training course offering a variety of skills sampling and development tailored to the needs of each individual learner.

Link-Work Programme
On completion of training learners have the opportunity to avail of link-work experience in a chosen workplace for a period of up to 6 months.  During this time they will receive guidance from an experienced mentor with a view to gaining employment or further training.

Additional Modules and Supports provided by the centre:
Art & Design, Literacy and Numeracy, Communications, Mathematics, Work Experience, Personal Development, Sports Activities.


All programmes are QQI certified at Level 3 and Level 4 on the National Framework of Qualifications.