Thursday, 26 October 2017

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Comhairle na Nóg

A group of trainees represented the centre at Comhairle na Nóg at the Radisson Hotel Sligo on Tuesday.  Thanks to Gary, Kayleigh, Kyle, Emma, Nikita, Blaithin and Kathlyn for their valuable input!

Girls Active - Pilates and Boxercise

The Girls active group attended a Pilates and Boxercise class with Aileen Cooper in the sports complex yesterday. 

Monday, 23 October 2017


Sunflowers planted by trainees in the Sligo CTC backyard 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sligo Food Trail

Some of our catering trainees were involved in last Friday night's Gala Harvest Feast by Sligo Food Trail in the Radisson Hotel.  Aaron O'Rourke worked with Eva Hourihan the chef from Andersons Grill & Bar to help create the Duck Roulade. Aaron Rainey worked with The Glasshouse Hotel's Head Chef Alan Fitzmaurice to help create the dessert course called 'A Tasting of Orchard & Hedgerow'.  Former trainee Jake Flynn is now employed by Eala Bhan and worked with their Head Chef Marcin Szczodrowski to create the Artisan Cheese Tasting Plate.  Well done lads!

Certification Day 2017

On Thursday last, October 12th we celebrated Certification Day 2017 in the Glasshouse Hotel.  The event was a tremendous success with many special moments acknowledging the wonderful achievements of 46 learners. Among the certificates awarded were 24 QQI Major Awards at level 3 on the National Framework of Qualifications.  In addition a significant number of QQI component awards, ECDL and Safe Food for Life certificates were presented.  The ceremony was opened by Chairperson Michael Glennon, who introduced key speakers Mayor, Cllr Hubert Keaney and Shaun Purcell, CEO MSLETB both of whom made inspiring speeches.  Local employers Adam McLoughlin, Leisure Centre Supervisor, Clayton Hotel and Sophia McLoughlin Kennedy, Garden Centre Supervisor, Homeland spoke about their involvement with the link work programme. Some very brave past and present learners then took to the podium to share their experiences in the CTC with the audience.  Well done; Courtney Downes, Philip Kilcullen, Kathleen Ward and Sanita Bruzite for your honest and inspiring accounts. Mary Forte, Community Relations Manager, Northwest Hospice gratefully accepted fundraising proceeds and spoke about the valuable work this contributes to.  Fr Pat Lombard, Spiritual Director, St Vincent De Paul Society introduced and presented  Youth for Justice Certificates to trainees involved in The Globe House Shoe Box and Food Appeals.  Gaisce Bronze Awards were presented by Mary Yore, Development Officer, Gaisce to this year’s successful candidates. To mark the exceptional health promoting efforts of the centre with have resulted in our retention of the Gold Health Quality Mark, Colleen Fahey, National Youth Health Programme, NYCI introduced and presented the Gold Award Plaque. A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Personal Achievement Award by Michael Glennon to this year’s worthy recipient Cori Gorevan. The ceremony was closed by General Manager Gavin Dykes who took the opportunity to congratulate the trainees on their success.  Following the ceremony everyone had a chance to relax and mingle while enjoying some nice refreshments and some delicious cake!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Certification Day 2017 - Photos

An Gaisce and Nortwest Hospice presentations 

The Centre receiving the Health Quality Gold Mark

Corey receiving his Personal Achievement Award

Photos captured at the event 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Centre closed on Tuesday 17th October

*****Update****** Based on updated information from the Department of Education and Skills all Schools and Further Education and Training Centres will remain closed in MSLETB tomorrow the 17th October. It is planned that normal services will resume on Wednesday the 18th. As a result Sligo CTC is closed tomorrow Tuesday. Please spread the word.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Cycle Safety

Top tips

Always be aware that cyclists are vulnerable road users.
The RSA recommends that children younger than 12 should not ride bicycles in
any type of traffic.

  • Know how to control your bike before cycling in traffic.
  • Never weave in and out of traffic. Stay in your lane and signal your turns.
  • Always cycle with the flow of traffic.
  • Never hold on to a moving vehicle.
  • Never wear an mp3 player or iPod or use a mobile phone when you are cycling.
  • Always obey the Rules of the Road. Other road users will respect you more if you respect the rules.
  • Think ahead. Think about what drivers may do. Catch their eye.
  • Ride well clear of the kerb. It will help drivers to see you and will prevent your pedal hitting the kerb. You also have more room to move if you come across obstacles or if vehicles pass too close to you.
  • Show drivers what you plan to do. Always look and signal before you start, stop or turn.
  • Ride a straight line past parked cars rather than be constantly weaving in and out.
  • Ride positively and decisively. It helps motorists to understand what you plan to do.
  • Keep well back from motor vehicles in case they brake.
  • Never cycle on a footpath unless it has a cycle track. Use cycle tracks and or lanes where provided.
  • Never cycle side by side with more than one cyclist.
For more information go to

No Seatbelt No Excuse

Mobile Phones and Driving

How does using a mobile phone while I’m driving affect how I drive?
Many research studies have found the same results.  If you drive and use a mobile phone (hand-held or hands-free) it will hinder your driving in different ways.  It makes it harder for you to:

  • keep in lane; 
  • drive at the right speed and at a speed that other drivers can predict; 
  • keep a good distance from the car in front; and 
  • judge safe gaps in traffic. 

It also affects your reaction times and your general awareness of other traffic.

You are four times more likely to have a crash if you use a mobile phone when you are driving.

You can get up to 4 penalty points.

For more information go to:

Road Safety Week 2017

Road Safety Event

A group of trainees from the centre attended a road safety event in Sligo today for Irish Road Safety Week.  This involved the RSA Roll Over Simulator and Shuttle, information stand, virtual driving and the importance of seat belt wearing.  This was a very informative and worth while event.


Lads Active Trip to Donegal Adventure Centre

The lads active group and some of the sports group went to Donegal Adventure Centre yesterday to try out the climbing walls and high ropes.  It was a very wet but enjoyable day with plenty of new challenges!  Well done lads.