Thursday, 18 October 2018

Icing a Christmas Cake

Catering trainees had a cake baking and icing session. The trainees enjoyed and learned from it, we would like to thank Sarah from Cake Lady for taking the time to come over. Catering have also provided a icing a cake recipe see below.

Icing a cake

1. The board must be 2-3 inches larger than the cake to facilitate extra decorations. (Rope detail)
2. Make the moist sugar paste to place on the board. This is to prevent the cake from slipping. Melted chocolate can be used too.
3. Place the cake on the board. Cover with the warm apricot jam.
4. Roll out the marzipan. Fold over your arm, place gently on the cake.
5. Smooth out edges with a smoother and your hands. Trim the edges. 
6. Wet the marzipan with water before applying the sugar paste.
7. Roll out the icing fold over your arm, place gently on the cake.
8. Smooth out the edges with a smoother and your hands. Trim the edges.
9. Make the figurines. ( These can be made in advanced )
10. To make the rope, roll the white icing out. Then smooth with the smoother.
11. Repeat this exercise with the coloured icing.
12. Lay the 2 rolled out icings side by side.
13. Find the half way point.Start folding the icings over each other 
(The reason to do it halfway, is so that the icing doesn't break).
14. Fold the remaining icing to form the rope.
15. To apply the rope, wet the cake with water. Start applying the rope gently onto the cake.
16. Place the figurines on top of the cake.