Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Hairdressing Course - Blow-Drying Tips

  • Is Your Hair too Wet? Your hair should be 60-to-65 percent dry before you start to blow dry your hair with a brush.
  • Root Lift: For a  blow dry that looks as good as when you last left the salon, encourage more root lift using your fingers before using a brush,
  • Where to Start? When blow drying take your hair in sections, starting at the roots then glide the brush through the mid-lengths. Repeat this two or three times before turning in the more difficult ends.
  • Which Brush to Use? As a rule the larger the brush the smoother the hair. For wiry or coarse hair use a brush with as many bristles as possible, an old type nylon bristle brush is ideal. Heat retaining brushes (Brushes with a metal core) are everywhere at the moment, while fantastic for adding curl and shine to hair; a word of caution, the metal core can get extremely hot and care should be used when using them.

  • Want your blow dry to last? Blow drying is not something that should be hurried. Each section of hair that is dried should be allowed cool on the brush; this will allow the hair to “set” the desired style and your blow dry to last much longer.
  • Hair Products: The golden rule “Less is best” applies, volumiser and root lift sprays should only be applied to the roots. Hairsprays should only be applied from a distance allowing for even distribution and remember to brush out at night before bed.
  • Heat protection: heat protection sprays can be used on wet or dry hair and should be used before using any heated appliances.  
  • Hair straighteners: it is important for you to remember that hair straighteners damage the hair. Don’t hold the straighteners in the same position for too long, always keep it moving!  It is important to use heat protection every time.